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Many organizations find it difficult to keep their data file clean. Collecting and then adjusting data, so they will fit within the structure of the existing data file and does not contaminate it, often requires many manual operations.

For this, different systems are often used within organizations that are guiding for the sharing of data. This makes it impossible to get an overview of all available data. As a flexible and central data management system, Beeyond does away with all these data dilemmas.

“From the moment we put our orders into Beeyond, we save at least an hour’s work a day.”Perry Langeslag, installation planning employee at De Badenman


Collecting data with Beeyond

Beeyond is a flexible Master Data Management (MDM) system allowing data to be validated before being stored. This way, the layout of the data always meets your wishes completely. In addition, Beeyond has a free data structure, allowing for a 360°  view of the data.

In Beeyond virtually all data can be stored and managed: texts, figures, barcodes, as well as images, videos and much more. See the complete list of supported data types on ‘What data can be entered into Beeyond’?


Structure of the system

Flexibility is paramount in the development of Beeyond. Result is that Beeyond is a data management system in which interconnections between data can be made effortlessly.

All data can be viewed and mutated from all sides. This makes Beeyond a unique data management system.

The data system can be employed (among others) as a Master Data Management (MDM) system, a Product Information Management (PIM) system and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Read more about the structure of the system


Free data structure

Beeyond’s structure is completely freely definable, so each user can get their own 360° view of the data. It is also possible to manage the data structure yourself and create new fields and tables limitlessly, or change or remove existing fields and tables.

In Beeyond all master data can be stored. Both name and contact details of customers and suppliers and HTML texts for online use, images of products, videos, prices and the like.

Read more about the free data structure and what types of data are possible in Beeyond


Importing data

In Beeyond, data can be imported from .xml, .csv and .txt files. As the system is still continuously being  developed,  Beeyond will be able to import data from, for instance, .xls and .xlsx as well in the future.

For the import of data, it is possible with each entity and attribute type to set one or several validators. This will ensure that the imported data meet the requirements.

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Custom work is possible

Beeyond is continuously being developed further, with the aim of working as efficiently and flexibly as possible. Do you miss a functionality that is important to your organization? Then custom work is always possible.

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