Correct product data leads to online success


Online consumers choose for online retailers who offer complete and reliable product data. This gives consumers confidence and all the information they needs to make a purchase.

Correct product data leads to online succes


Data collection requirement for online success

Usually the correct product data is already present at (r)etailers. However, the information is often hidden in Excel sheets and various internal systems.


The location of the correct data is unknown and it is unknown how the data can be quickly and correctly translated ans send to the (different) webshops.

The collection of product data is manually done in 86% of cases, in which 70% used Excel (source: ShoppingTomorrow). Also, often various methods are used. This leads to an increased risk of errors.

“Many companies struggle to gather the necessary information and to manage it. “


Clear product information with a PIM system

A Product Information Management (PIM) system provides overview. All product data is collected in one system; either text and prices, codes, images, videos, product descriptions and user manuals.



Collect, manage, and share data with a PIM system

A Product Information Management (PIM) system helps to efficiently and organized collect and manage product information. From a PIM system, the data can automatically be shared with partners and online shops. This makes the complete and accurate product data displayed online and the customer obtains all the information he needs to cross the threshold to purchase.

A PIM system is indispensable for (r)etailers. The time-to-market is accelerated by it. There are fewer errors, there will be worked efficiently and the online customer receives all the information necessary for making the purchase decision.

“The online customer chooses providers that are listed with complete and reliable information. In this way, the customer can make the right choice and share his experiences with others. This makes PIM for each product the USP of the future.” Wim Griffioen, Qhuba


Choose flexibility and freedom

Deployment of Beeyond as a PIM system gives you a lot of freedom. It’s a cloud-based, 100% flexible system that you can set to your own wishes and expand.

Beeyond goes one step further than other PIM systems. In Beeyond, you can collect data, and manage and process it efficiently. Then the data is ready for automated sharing. When data is collected, Beeyond immediately validates, transforms, calculates and filters it. Only clean product data is gathered, no changes need to be made afterwards and there is a clear overview straight away.

The practical search functions allow you to sort and filter data. Through user rights management, you can set every detail of what can be viewed and done by each user. Bulk changes can be made to product data. The inbuilt expression language also allows more complex processes to be carried out.

Get your data ready for sharing through automated workflows – at the time you want, and in the right form for each channel. This makes data supply to online marketplaces very simple!