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Managing data efficiently often is a challenge. Various systems are used within organizations, with data being split and sometimes stored induplicate. This way, much information, including prices and images, is not only stored in the systems, but in separate files and folders as well.

This chaotic structure makes viewing and managing data difficult and time-consuming. There is a big risk of errors and the turnover and customer satisfaction are jeopardized. These are risks you want to avoid as an organization. Through central management in Beeyond you will work more efficiently as an organization and reduce the risks.

“Within Beeyond we now manage 50,000 articles. The options and flexibility of the programme save us a lot of time.  This allows us space to focus and respond quicker to important changes in the market.”Digna Dirks, financial director at Van der Meer Diertotaalgroothandel


Managing data with Beeyond

By managing data in a central master data system, searching for information and managing data becomes much easier and quicker. Data are centrally managed and are synchronized automatically with other systems, both internal and external ones. As a result, data are the same in all systems and errors are prevented.

MDM with beeyond


Sorting and finding

Product data in an Excel file can be sorted simply. But sorting extensive data, such as product information with accompanying images, videos and barcodes seems a challenge. It is also often not clear what information is lacking.

However, sorting data is no longer a problem if you store and manage all data in Beeyond. You get a clear overview of the data and queries can be stored to repeat the action quickly the next time.

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Mutating data

Editing data need not be time-consuming. In Beeyond information can  be changed per attribute / field or in bulk (with several data simultaneously). It is possible toe plan these actions, so they will be implemented automatically at a later moment.

Master data can be changed to another value, for instance a selling price that is changed from 10 to 12 euros. It is also possible to implement changes in percentages, carry out calculations and combine data in a new field. This is done using the so-called Beeyond Expression Language (BEL).

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Workflow management

Importing, exporting or mutating data is done via the workflow engine. This engine ensures that data can be edited and shared efficiently without any human intervention.

Automatic implementation of mutations is an important advantage for users of Beeyond. It enables you to produce regular data feeds to your partners and have changes take place automatically at night in, for instance, your web shop, for instance with special campaigns.

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Choose for custom work

Beeyond is a flexible system that helps you work efficiently. However, if you miss a functionality that could make your work even more efficient, then it is possible to choose for custom work. Our engineers will get to work to adapt Beeyond to your wishes.

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