Mutating data


Mutating data is usually a time-consuming job. In Beeyond this can be done quickly and with many data, via the so-called bulk edit or bulk change.

Data mutation in MDM systeem


Wizard for bulk mutation

To mutate data a wizard for data mutation has been built into the system. A group of entities is selected, for instance all articles of a supplier or a set of articles from a specific article group, of which only the value must be changed.

After the selection of the set of data the change is entered. In the example below the article price with a set value is changed and a low VAT rate is chosen.

data mutation wizard


After implementing the desired change a list is generated of the current and new value of the first ten entities. Here it can be checked whether the bulk edit / mass change will proceed as desired. After approval the mutations are carried out and the progress of the mass update can be consulted.

Each mutation is recorded and the history can be viewed in detail afterwards. This enables you to see in hindsight which bulk edits have been implemented, by whom and at which moment.

For organizations with still other wishes concerning mutation of data, custom work is possible.


Beeyond Expression Language

In the aforementioned example the price is changed to a set value. However, the price can also be changed using a code, the so-called Beeyond Expression Language (BEL). With the use of BEL an option has been created to implement calculations, combinations or adjustments flexibly in the Beeyond environment.

For instance, a price rise can be implemented using the code: |ARTICLE_SALESPRICE|*1.06

Or three columns from the import file can be combined using the code:: |1|+|2|+|3|

This application can be used in the following places in the application:

  • Mass changes (bulk edit)
  • Import mapping
  • Export mapping
  • Attribute definition, in the fields ‘calculation’ and ‘composed key’*.

* A composed key combines two attributes in one field. For instance, the field ‘Description’ and ‘colour’ can be combined automatically. This can be of added value for publication on a website, for instance.

This BEL is unique and contributes to Beeyond being such a flexible system with great added value.



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