Workflow management


With workflow management data can be imported or exported. Collecting and sharing data will be very efficient as a result. This way, web shops can always be provided with the right information quickly and automatically.



Workflow engine

The workflow engine carries out database actions such as editing, importing or exporting at preset moments and frequencies (using cron jobs) and makes import and export of data sets and bulk updates possible without human intervention.

workflow import - export


The workflows are represented in lists that indicate the status of the action. This way, a list is generated of the pre-set workflows in the queue, the workflows that are currently being carried out and the history of the workflows already carried out.


Changing data automatically

It is possible to change data automatically (using a camel process in the workflow). This ensures that bulk edits are implemented on a pre-set moment.

For instance, during a campaign a temporary price change can be implemented in the middle of the night in Beeyond, after which an automatic export immediately shares the changed data with the web shop(s). The system can be programmed in advance to change everything back to the previous values automatically after the campaign.

Camel process workflow



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