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Sharing data can be quite a challenge. Each partner has his own standard for data feeds. Many organizations are struggling with the layout and supply of data. Manual operations after exports from a ERP or CMS system are no exception here and are very time-consuming.

Organizations also wonder how safe they can share their data. The meticulously collected and edited data must never be comprehensible for others just like that. Beeyond makes sure data can be safely shared, both internally and externally.

“With so many articles these data can no longer be managed with the usual tools. You simply have to automate to keep your costs manageable and save on manual operations.”Oskar van Straaten, director/owner Agradi B.V.


Sharing data with Beeyond

Sharing data with online market places or your own web shop on a regular basis is important for keeping your online data up to date. Consumers expect complete and reliable product data, so they can choose the product that matches their wishes best with confidence.

Exporting data from Beeyond and sharing these with partners or one’s own internal systems can be automated. This makes manual operations redundant, so costs are saved and the risk of errors is small.


Exporting / data feeds

Exporting data from Beeyond can be done in several ways. Data can be placed directly into a specific folder or on an FTP server. However, data can also be sent by e-mail from Beeyond. For exporting you can choose from a  number of different file formats, so you can tailor this completely to the wishes of the receiver.

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The master data of your organization must be safe. Both with storing and sending of data safety is an important aspect. Beeyond’s data are stored in the cloud. The article ‘Is my data safe in the cloud?’ discusses the safety aspects of data in the cloud.

Beeyond is an SaaS solution that performs data management completely cloud-based. The big advantage of this is hat data are accessible all over the  world. To warrant safety of data, Beeyond can be accessed using a login code through very well-protected https connections. Data are encoded using an SSL protocol and backup of your data is guaranteed.

Once logged in, you only see the information you are allowed to see by the administrator of your organization. Similarly, you can only adjust the data you are authorized to adjust.

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Custom work for your organization

Our engineers work daily on the further development of Beeyond, to be able to offer an optimal data management system. However, if you still miss one or several functionalities in Beeyond, we can always offer custom work.

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