Exporting / data feeds


Being able to share data quickly and automatically is becoming more and more important. Consumers expect to find correct and complete data online, and within the organization itself it is also important that data are the same and correct in all systems.

Data feeds


Data feeds

To be able to offer consumers correct data, it is important that the right data appear online. Both in your own web shops and in online market places it is important that information is complete and correct.

In Beeyond you can manage data, making sure that data met the requirements and are complete. Workflows ensure that the data can be shared with partners, other systems and workshops.

Supplying data feeds from Beeyond can be automated completely per market place or supplier, so you no longer have to worry about manually adjusting systems and web shops. This reduces the risk of errors and saves costs.


Possible ways of export

Data can be shared from Beeyond in various ways. For instance, the data can be placed in a directory / local source or on an FTP location. Data can also be sent by e-mail. Finally, it is also possible to export data to another Beeyond domain, Of course this is only possible after authorization.

Exporting is organized via a pre-set workflow. Here the export method can be selected.

setting workflow


Possible formats for export

For efficient working it is important that data can be exported in various formats from Beeyond. Currently it is possible to export data as a .XML, .CSV, .TXT, .XLS or .XLSX file.

If it is important for your organization to be able to generate other export formats as well, this can be made possible with custom work.


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