New features Beeyond – Release 1.7


Daily our engineers work on further development of Beeyond. Also recently we have added several new features to Beeyond. Here is an overview of some of these new capabilities, enabling the collection, management, mutate and sharing your data runs more efficiently.formaat afbeelding in PIM


Determine size image

Bij een afbeelding is het mogelijk gemaakt om de volgende validators te selecteren: I a picture it is possible to select the following validators:

  • Typ Validator:
    This verifies that the format of a file corresponds with the selected and permitted file formats. The formats PNG, GIF and JPEG can be selected.
  • Image Size Validator (pixels):
    This can be set to make sure an image meets a certain width and height.
  • Size validator (Kb):
    With this validator a maximum size allowed can be set.


Generate tumbnail

It is made possible to generate a thumbnail automatically on the basis of an image to a certain size (in pixels). This may be chosen to maintain the original aspect ratio (default) or one can choose to fill out the image to the desired number of pixels (optional).


Save and continue

In the input field for entities is a button added named ‘Save & New’. By clicking on it the existing entity will be saved and there will immediately open a new screen to add a new entity. This makes it possible to quickly add multiple entities.


User filter

In a usergroup, it is made possible to apply a usergroup filter. Herewith you can set up that a group of users may only change a limited set of items. A major advantage of this feature is that it is now possible to let suppliers log in themselves in your Beeyond domain, where they can only manage their own articles.

Gebruikersgroep filter



VAT and CoC number entry

The attribute types VAT and Chamber of Commerce are added to Beeyond. This has created an opportunity to check on the import of entities on the validity of these numbers. For the time being only the attribute types are added, so that data can be filled. From release 1.8 the actual control is also added to Beeyond.


Reporting workflows

In workflows, it is possible that the report and any error report of the import or export will be sent by mail. For example, an error report is created if certain data can not be included in the import or export. The data of this rejected records are merged into a separate file.

This file can be accessed through the workflow history, or can be automatically sent by email to a predefined address. This file can then be processed separately again manually or via an import or export. If the size of the report is too large to send by email a link is sent in the mail for retrieving the annex.


Help page available

For some time there is a Help page of Beeyond available to users. This is continuously being expanded and is accessible via a direct link to Beeyond.


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