Organizations struggle more often with large amounts of data and how to organize this data. They recognize the necessity of implementing a data management system.

Beeyond is a unique, flexible and approachable system. The last years many organizations opted for Beeyond and the number of applications is still growing. For partners Beeyond is an extremely interesting product to bring to the market.


Which organizations implement Beeyond?

Beyond can be used in various ways; as a Master Data Management (MDM) system, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and as a Product Information Management (PIM) system.

At this moment, retailers and wholesalers that sell many different (online) products, implement Beeyond often as a PIM system. They use Beeyond to collect, quickly mutate and share their product data with suppliers, partners and online marketplaces.

“With more than 100,000 products and over 150 vendors, it became impossible to manage our data in Excel or a CMS system. Beeyond is a unique PIM system that can handle all of our data.” Oskar van Straaten, director / owner Agradi B.V.

What includes a Beeyond partnership?

As a Commission Partner you’ll deliver leads to Beeyond, which subscripe at Beeyond.

A Solution Partner sells and supports Beeyond independently and has therefore the right expertise. Beeyond Solution Partners are trained and supported for this from the Solution Partner Program (SPP). To participate in the SPP, you pay an annual fee. For all sales you receive continuous margin. You are the contact for the customer and provide the customer 1st and 2nd line support throughout the duration of the subscription. By using your own consulting hours, you will ahieve optimal efficiency.

What more do we offer?

We offer our resellers a two-day training, a Beeyond demo environment and sales support. Resellers receive product brochures, a Bilingual presentation and listing as a partner on the Beeyond website. Resellers customers receive a newsletter at a minimum of four times a year and resellers are allowed to use all Beeyond images and logo’s.


Contact us today to discuss the possibilities of a partnership and receive an overview of all commissions. We are convinced that Beyond can be your new successful business model.