On this page you will find some references. This will give you an insight into what Beeyond could mean for your organization.


Van der Meer Diertotaalgroothandel

Van der Meer Diertotaalgroothandel supplies all products for pet specialist shops. Read how they use Beeyond as a PIM system for their products.

“Within Beeyond we now manage 50,000 articles. The options and flexibility of the programme save us a lot of time.  This allows us space to focus and respond quicker to important changes in the market.”Digna Dirks, financial director at Van der Meer Diertotaalgroothandel

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Agradi delivers a wide range of anima land garden supplies after online order. Read how they use Beeyond as a PIM system for their products.

“With more than 100,000 products and over 150 vendors, it became impossible to manage our data in Excel or a CMS system. Beeyond is a unique PIM system that can handle all of our data.” Oskar van Straaten, director / owner Agradi B.V.

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De Badenman

De Badenman is part of De Mandemakers Groep and established in Waalwijk. Read how they use Beeyond as a CRM system for their orders.

“From the moment we put our orders into Beeyond, we save at least an hour’s work a day. That’s because we don’t have to print and store every item in the paper archive, everything remains digital. Therfore we can respond much more quickly if there are questions about orders.” Perry Langeslag, installation planning employee at De Badenman

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