“With more than 100,000 products and over 150 vendors, it became impossible to manage our data in Excel or a CMS system. Beeyond is a unique PIM system that can handle all of our data.” Oskar van Straaten, director / owner Agradi B.V.

Agradi is a young, enthusiastic enterprise that attaches great value to service and quality. In their web shop they offer a wide assortment of pet and garden supplies, especially for agricultural companies and individuals. In 2015 Agradi won the Home Shopping Award 2015 XL in the segment ‘Pets’. With an extensive web shop and several new web shops in the offing, the organization is under constant development.

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They work with Beeyond

Within Agradi, a Product and Data manager is responsible for optimal functioning of Beeyond. It is his job to manage, among other things, the imports and exports and carry out changes in bulk. He also fills in the setup of the system, extending the number of properties per product within the system. In addition, several employees within the organization work in beyond for the management of the articles.

Problem: Management of so many data is no longer possible with Excel or an CMS. Besides, these systems do not have sufficient management functions.
Solution: With Beeyond as a flexible PIM system it is possible to keep all these data under control.


Problem definition

The organization has a very extensive web shop with over 50,000 articles. At Agradi, the necessity for a PIM system was recognized a few years ago, and a fitting solution was sought. But their own database, Excel or a CMS behind the web shop proved far from ideal. Data management was no longer doable with the usual tools or built database, because these systems were designed for other purposes originally and do not have sufficient management functions.

The organization is building websites, for the Netherlands and for other countries. So they are dealing with different feeds such as storage levels, prices and suppliers. Imports and exports have to be included to mention the suppliers’ storage levels on the website as  real-time as possible. Changes in prices have to be implemented as soon as possible to prevent margin loss.

To manage all this optimally, the organization has oriented itself on a flexible Product Information Management (PIM) system that could answer and implement this extensive question in a satisfactory way.

With so many articles these data can no longer be managed with the usual tools. You simply have to automate to keep your costs manageable and save on manual operations.”Oskar van Straaten, director / owner Agradi B.V.

The aim

Implement a PIM system, so all data can be managed and mutated properly. Being able to add assortments quickly and complement product characteristics flexibly and quickly.

The solution

As a Product Information Management system Beeyond has great versatility. Especially the powerful functions within Beeyond are very valuable for Agradi, for instance automatic export of various feeds at pre-determined times, automatic receiving of data and importing these (or not) through validations and mutating data in bulk.


Oskar van Straaten explains:

The choice for Beeyond

“Before we started with Beeyond we considered a lot of PIM systems. What we saw was that Beeyond has a very clean setup, making it very pleasant to work with. It is not overly complicated, just a working tool. It is a highly flexible system with powerful management functions and easily employed for all kinds of products in large quantities. The import functions work very well too. Other PIM systems do not have that.”


The main advantages that have been achieved

+ Data are managed quicker and more simply.

+ The tool is suited for its purpose; this works well.

+ Imports are automated now.

+ Online information is much more up to date fort he customer.



Implementation of Beeyond

“Of course we were working with a PIM system already within the organization, so the impact was not so big in that sense. Two people were trained, though. Of course using a PIM system does take some time, it is not something you do on the side. But Beeyond is a system that can be managed internally, which is good. It remains a continuous process and our Product Data manager now takes care of the changes within the system.”


Beeyond as a PIM systeem

“Beeyond is a very good product for managing highly different data. It is flexible and it is possible to extend the layout yourself and let it grow with your product properties.”


Abacus as a partner

“We have a very good partnership with Abacus; requests are taken up quickly and really implemented. What I found very important in my choice for Abacus is that Beeyond is a core product for Abacus; it is not done on the side. I saw that real effort was devoted to develop Beeyond optimally and get everything right.

The organization believes in this product and realizes this is the future. The product is really embedded into the organization’s strategy and that gives me much confidence.”


The next steps

“We want to enrich our data continually and are extending our layout in Beyond further and further. The number of products and properties  per product is increasing. We see programmes that optimize feeds, for instance for delivery to Amazon, and we would like to see such things integrated within Beeyond. That way we can enrich our data. We also want to start working with a dashboard, to keep complete oversight and optimize further.”


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