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De Badenman


“From the moment we put our orders into Beeyond, we save at least an hour of work a day. We no longer have to print anything or file it in the paper archive – everything remains digital.” Perry Langeslag, employee installation planning De Badenman

De Badenman is part of the Mandemakers Group and located in Waalwijk. This organization provides hundreds of installation companies and tens of thousands of customers a year with a wonderful bathroom, toilet or tiled floor. They are experts in supply, installation and service. For renowned retailers and various websites they provide the entire delivery and installation trajectory.

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They work with Beeyond

From the headquarters in Waalwijk the installation planning department manages about 225 installation companies. This is expected to rise to 450 companies within a couple of years. We monitor how many assignments an installer carries out and how many clients they have brought in.

In addition, each installation company is continuously evaluated on the quality of its work output. This is done with a quality check and a customer satisfaction survey. In a word, we are dealing with a number of different data sources and a lot of data.

Problem: Different data sources and file formats. Processing and managing the data is time-consuming.
Solution: With Beeyond as a CRM system the various data can be read in and made uniform.


Problem definition

The following information is available at the office:

  1. An overview of the current partner installers
  2. Orders
  3. Correspondence per order
  4. An overview of the installations per installer
  5. Questionnaire inspection reports
  6. Results of the customer satisfaction survey

These data are supplied in a number of different formats (on paper, in Excel and as a PDF). Processing and managing these data is time-consuming an paper-consuming.

To have a well-organized digital system, the organization oriented itself on a Customer Relationshio Management (CRM) system that could answer and implement this complex question in a satisfactory way.

“After an internal training we have formed a digital archive, storing everything per order. I think Beeyond a very logical and accessible system and I am adding items in the blueprint myself now.”Perry Langeslag, employee installation planning De Badenman

The aim

Finding and implementing a CRM system that can read in all different data and make them usable for the installation planning department. As a bonus a digital archive is created with this and work can be done without paper.

The solution

As a master Data Management system Beeyond has great versatility and is employed as a CRM system in this. Especially for De Badenman some functionalities have been added to Beeyond, such as a drag & drop function for inserting images and PDF files.


Perry Langeslag explains:

Progress of the implementation process

“Before we started with Beyond, Abacus has implemented the system and our department has had a training from a consultant from Abacus. We have formed a digital archive, storing everything per order. I think it is a very logical and accessible system and I am adding items in the blueprint myself now.”


The main advantages that have been achieved

+ We have a digital archive now.

+ All are structured in one place.

+ Every day we save about an hour of work thanks to digitization.

+ Questions about orders can be answered much quicker.


Reaction of (internal) users

“Within our department we received a training, allowing us to get acquainted with the new system quickly. Our inspectors now pass on information with their tablet nowadays, which is more efficient and time-saving. In addition, Abacus continues developing Beeyond, with interesting developments on the roadmap for us too.”


Abacus as a partner

“The system that Abacus offers matches well with the picture we were envisaging, and Beeyond can always be more customized. Various functionalities can be added, without requiring more programming.

The collaboration with Abacus is very good, the service is swift and that one malfunction is fixed within an hour. I also find it pleasant that a colleague took over smoothly and quickly  when my permanent contact person with Abacus was absent , so I could be helped immediately.”


The next steps

“We want to be able to distribute documents and reports from Beeyond to installation companies, subsidiaries and inspectors. This is done manually now and it would be great if this could be done automatically in the future. Abacus has made a proposal for this and the assignment has been given’.

Furthermore, in the future we want to link Beeyond to an Business Intelligence tool, so the Management Board and the management can consult information and provide guidance on the basis of that.”

Through Abacus we also made a link with QlikView so all interested parties within and outside our organization are informed. The Management Board and the management has the information they need available much quicker now.”


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