Van der Meer Diertotaalgroothandel


“Within Beeyond we now manage 50,000 articles. The options and flexibility of the programme save us a lot of time.  This allows us space to focus and respond quicker to important changes in the market.”Digna Dirks, financial director at Van der Meer Diertotaalgroothandel

Van der Meer Diertotaalgroothandel supplies all products for pet specialist shops and related large-scale consumers including veterinarians, pensions, animal shelters and the like. Beside the supply of goods Van der Meer has specialized in the management of all relevant data required within the branch in the chain from producer to consumer.

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Problem definition

“We were confronted with the limitations of the current system and went looking for tailor-made solutions. We viewed several options, but always missed something. It was all too rigid, within too rigid a framework. Beeyond breaks this open with flexibility.”

Problem: Many product data that is frequently changed, this was impossible in existing other systems.
Solution: With Beeyond as a PIM system, product data management is much more efficient, and the data can be quickly shared.

The aim

“For us it is important to be able to enter all content into the system. This was not possible in the existing system, which was too limited in a number of fields, and the fields were too short. In Beeyond this can be freely arranged and linked to any system.”

The solution

In Beeyond we manage all product data and it is distributed automatically to customers and other interested parties, according to the intended use. Beside data for its own ERP system, content is also managed for the B2B and B2C web shops of partners, including, and



Digna Dirks recounts:

Implementation of Beeyond

“Before we made the choice for Beeyond, we sat down with Abacus to discuss all wishes extensively, with both ourselves and Abacus being very critical. This gave us confidence in the collaboration and this trajectory has continued. We have frequent contacts with Abacus and are helped pro-actively.”


The main advantages that have been achieved

+ It saves a lot of time with product management.

+ All data is structured in a spot.

+ The system is very flexible and fits exactly with our organization.

+ We can respond more quickly to market changes.


Our interest in a good data management system

“Content is King, it all comes down to the right information. As the number of data grows, transparency decreases. Beeyond helps keeping this manageable and under control. Because we work with a large number of different suppliers, we are provided with price and assortment changes on a daily basis.

Processing all these mutations became a day job and could not be delegated, or with difficulty. By purchasing a good master data management system we can move the operational tasks to a lower level in the organization, so I can focus on control, management, analysis and reporting. These things belong to my core tasks and directly benefit the organization.”



“We ship orders on pallets of in different  types of boxes. Calculating shipping costs for each separate order in advance was impossible. You need the weights and measures of the packaging of the products for this and these must be linked to the order. But Beeyond can calculate the most economical way of shipping, so the customer will pay the lowest possible shipping costs and we ship in the most efficient way and save money.

Vulnerable goods, for instance aquariums, must be shipped with another transporter. Within Beeyond you can easily provide these articles with a flag, Our order system will take this into account and will communicate it on the order to the employees who process the order. This drastically reduces the number of breakable goods and the costs involved to creditors or free reshipment.

Adjusting articles is done on the basis of reading files into the workflow or through bulk edit, if it concerns adjustments of equal values. The number of lines or size of the file hardly has any consequences for the processing time.”

“Beeyond is a great system, everything is possible. Initially it is difficult not to let yourself be led by the current limitations, but let go of them and instead only make an inventory of your ideal situation, aimed at your specific wishes.”

Abacus as a partner

“We are still building within Beeyond. Our wishes are processed top down in Beeyond and supplements come available almost weekly, often quicker than expected. Thinking along and suggesting suitable solutions is very important in our collaboration.”

The next steps

“New ideas are born continuously, the system really adapts to our organization. In addition, our customers, for instance Pets Place and the Farmers Union stores, have their own wishes regarding the way our article data are received. We can respond to that and supply exactly what the customer wants.

The system is very accessible for everyone, not only for me as the main user. By using Beeyond we are very confident in a future with many possibilities!”


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