Supplying data simply to online market places


Online market places are becoming more and more common: Amazon, Ebay,, Zalando, Locals United, Loods 5 and PIXmania and others. Through these market places retailers are selling their products to online shoppers. This makes supplying product data essential, but this proves to be difficult.

Supply data to online market places

Why an online market place?

By offering their products on these market places, retailers can reach their customers  better than through their own websites. Thanks to their extensive marketing plans, the online market places are easily found and are well-known among online shoppers.

The sites are also preferred by consumers because they are well-known nationally and have proven reliability. It offers retailers an important platform to expand their scope and increase their turnover considerably.


Data management is essential

Presenting complete and reliable product data on the market places is a precondition for online success. On the one hand, it offers online consumers all information required for making a purchase. On the other hand, online market places require a certain extent of completeness to be able to place the articles on the websites. To get and keep these data on the required level, correct data management is essential.

A Product Information Management system offers you a helping hand:

  • All product data can be collected in one system; product properties as well as texts/descriptions, html, prices, and special offers and images and even videos.
  • Lacking product information becomes immediately comprehensible in the PIM system; Which article is missing in the photo? Which article lacks certain product properties such as measurements or price?
  • In the PIM system the product data can be enriched; both manually and in bulk data can be added to one or several products.
  • Mutating product data easily; for instance temporarily implementing a price reduction for a segment of product. This can be implemented both automatically and in bulk.
Manage data

Data in Beeyond


Supply data and sharing with online market places

To get your products placed you will have to supply data to online market places. Unfortunately, there is no fixed format for sharing the product data; each market place demands a specific data file. If you want to do business via various market places, you will have to create data specifically for each party.

As a supplier you are dealing with hundreds to thousands of changes and new articles per month. If the choice was for a PIM system, processing these changes only costs minimal effort. However, the changes must then also be shared with your partners / online market places. How can you go about this in such a way that it is not a full-time job for an employee?

Here, too, employing a PIM system provides the solution:

  • You only need to set a format once for each partner / market place.
  • You decide when the data must be collected and shared.
  • The system ensures automatically that the right data in the right format are supplied tot he right partner.

With Beeyond as a PIM system you can be sure as an organization that your product data are always completely up to date. In addition this product information is shared simply and efficiently with the desired online market places. Product data management and sharing these data was never more efficient and easier.


A flexible PIM system that suits you

Beeyond can be used as a PIM system on the basis of a template. This template can be adjusted according to your wishes, so it matches completely with your organization. It is also possible to organize the system according to your organization’s wishes right from the start.

Do you have no idea how to best organize the Beeyond PIM system to match your organization exactly? No problem! We specialize in translating the wishes of organizations in the field of product data to a perfectly matching Product Information Management system.

That way, we make sure that your organization does not have to adapt to the demands of a PIM system, but that you can start working with a PIM system that matches your organization and wishes exactly.


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