The flexible Master Data Management system Beeyond can be used in several ways.

+ Usable for all departments within your organization

+ The right information for everyone, anytime

+ Accessible online on any device


Flexibly applicable MDM system

Beeyond is suited for use in, for instance, purchase and sales administrations, finance, human resources, project, supply chain and asset management. Some other examples of uses are:

MDM system

Beeyond was developed as a Master Data Management system. In it, master data can be stored and connections can be made between different types of data, including product data and customer data.

PIM system

Beeyond has been successfully implemented as a Product Information Management system in which product are managed in ahighly efficient way. This is important for having and keeping consistent product information through all your channels.

CDI system

Beeyond can be employed as a Customer Data Integration system. The term CRM system is also used for this. In a CDI system customer data are collected from various systems on various locations within an organization, making a complete and accessible overview of customer data available. Think of personal data, financial data, risk levels, customer behaviour and the relationship with the organization.

Through insight into this information the organization is enabled to make informed decisions. It is important though that the data are well-managed, to make sure that they are up to date, consistent and complete.[/toggle_box]

PDM system
Beeyond can be employed as a Product Data Management system. A PDM system manages the product data created during the product and process design over the entire life cycle, from the marketing concept to the decline phase to stopping of the production of the product. For this reason, the system is especially interesting for product developers who want to manage different variations and versions of the product.

The aim of a PDM system is to optimize data flows, stimulating reuse of data, increasing the scope of the recorded data and providing users with insight into the large amount of data. In addition to (product) data a PDM system also manages the processes within which these data are generated, modified and used. 

DAM system

Beeyond can be employed as a Digital Asset Management system / Media Asset Management (NAM) system. Digital assets are photos, audio files, videos, animations, games, banner advertisements ans all information not consisting of text that must be managed during hteir entire life cycle. These assets are always provided with metadata.

Employment of a DAM system helps you save costs, as it makes the production, duplication and shipment of physical media including video tapes, CDs and DVDs unnecessary. After all, you can easily make data accessible to third parties. Because it creates a shared infrastructure and streamlines content-oriented business processes, it also helps you create efficient processes.

A DAM part is a permanent component of Beeyond. For this reason, the DAM part is standard when Beeyond is used as a MDM system, PIM system or CRM system

CRM system

Beeyond has been successfully implemented as a Customer Relationship Management system, which manages customer data efficiently and in an organized way.


Beeyond within your department?

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Which system is suitable for us?

Before we can give an advice on a suitable system for your organization, we will first consider together with you what your organization needs. On the basis of this we will review carefully what data must be managed and which systems are present within your organization. After that, we will recommend a suitable system and discuss with you how this solution will get shape, within what term and at which costs.

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