Customer Relationship Management


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is interesting fopr organizations that put customers central. It offers a platform for recording customer information, to be able to respond to the customers’ needs.

+ Improve your competitive position

+ Respond to your customers’ needs

+ Shorten your selling cycle


What is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?

A CRM systems helps you manage your customer and relation data. It offers the option of making interconnections. Beeyond is a CRM system that offers you one platform for recording and viewing contact moments and documents concerning specific customers. Think of e-mails, purchases, data on service, telephonic questions and contract documents.

The Beeyond web-based CRM system gives you worldwide online access to your customer information. Via a protected connection you can view and change data and make interconnections. It is also possible to assign validations that ensure that the input of data is done correctly.

Within Beeyond a DAM system ensures that you can store various formats of digital files, including MP3, MP4, MPEG, PDF, GIF, JPG, ZIP, DOC and DOCX.

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Why a CRM system?

If you want to respond to your customer’s need it is important to know him or her well. This can be realized by collecting and analysing your customer data . Use of a CRM system is essential to be able to do this in an efficient and organized way.

“A CRM system helps you serve your customers better and raise your level of service.”

Use of a Relationship Management system has the following advantages:

+ It creates a structure in the customer data within your organization

+ You develop and maintain an uniform customer view

+ You can improve your service

+ The efficiency of your employees increases

+ You keep an overview of all contact moments and channels within one platform


CRM system Beeyond

Beeyond is a highly flexible system that fulfils your wishes for a Customer Relationship Management system. Many functionalities are standard in this system, any additional wishes can be added as custom work.

“From the moment we put our orders into Beeyond, we save at least an hour’s work a day. That’s because we don’t have to print and store every item in the paper archive, everything remains digital. Therfore we can respond much more quickly if there are questions about orders.” Perry Langeslag, installation planning employee at De Badenman


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