Product Information Management


A Product Information Management (PIM) system is a must within organizations that sell many (online) products. This helps producers, wholesalers and retailers offer complete and consistent product information to their customers.

+ Create a good customer experience through consistent product information

+ Offer customers the information they are looking for through the channel chosen

+ Enhance the confidence of your customer in your organization


What is a Product Information Management (PIM) system?

In a PIM system you can manage all your product information efficiently within one platform. Think of product descriptions, colour, dimensions, images , instruction videos and manuals.

The PIM system forms the basis of your information; from this system it is retrieved by your web shop, ERP system and other surrounding systems that need product data. The system is organized in such a way that connections can be made between different products. It is also possible to assign validations that ensure that the input of data is done correctly (for instance according to certain classifications, such as GS1).

Within Beeyond a DAM system ensures that you can store various formats of digital files, including MP3, MP4, MPEG, PDF, GIF, JPG,ZIP, DOC and DOCX.

PIM with beeyond


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Why a PIM system?

Product information is often stored all over the place, in various systems, as different types of files and in folders stored here and there. As a result, information is fragmented all over the organization. This makes the use of data cumbersome, labour-intensive and illogical.

“A PIM system is an important precondition for the omnichannel success of your organization.’

Use of Product Information Management system has the following advantages:

+ All data are stored consistently

+ The data need only be entered once

+ A structure is created in the product data within your organization

+ You need no longer search for data; everything is in one system

+ All product data are available to all external channels via a workflow


Product Information Management with Beeyond

Beeyond is a highly flexible system that fulfils your wishes for a Product Information Management system. Many functionalities are standard within this system, any additional wishes can be added as custom work.

“Within Beeyond we now manage 50,000 articles. The options and flexibility of the programme save us a lot of time.  This allows us space to focus and respond quicker to important changes in the market.”Digna Dirks, financial director at Van der Meer Diertotaalgroothandel


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