Make your organization work more flexibly and efficiently, save costs and raise profits?
It is all possible with Beeyond.

+ All master data available anytime, anyplace

+ Completely freely definable database

+ Powerful management functions

+ Safe and without restrictions

“Beeyond is a very flexible system with powerful management functions and is ideally suited for all kinds of products in large quantities.” Oskar van Straaten, director/owner Agradi B.V.


What makes Beeyond so unique?

Beeyond is a multi-domain Master Data Management system (MDM), therefore it can also be used as a Product Information Management (PIM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. In Beeyond many different types of data can be stored, managed, mutated and shared from Beeyond.



Master data


Keynote for the development of Beeyond was that it had to be a very flexible MDM system. This requirement ensured that it is a unique system.


Beeyond is a safe cloud-based system. For hosting and security or our cloud-based Beeyond system we have chosen for Rackspace. This managed hosting provider takes care of the storage of data in Beeyond in a server park in the United Kingdom, and is known as the safest in the world.

Storing your data in the cloud has several advantages:

+ Working in the data is possible anywhere in the world

+ Sharing information is simpler

+ Scalable according to need

+ No investments in servers

+ No costs for management, updates and repairs of servers

SaaS solution

Beeyond is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This has the following advantages:

+ Always available via an internet connection

+ No high one-off purchase costs of hardware or software

+ No installation necessary, Organizing can start immediately

+ You always have the latest version of the software

+ Thanks to clustering no worries about scale size or server availability

+ Monthly invoicing and option of termination with a month’s notice

Device independent

Nowadays we no longer have a fixed pc on our fixed desk; we work where it suits us on the device that we prefer at that particular moment. Beeyond is a progressive system in tune with the times. For this reason, Beeyond has been developed in such a way that it works on any device.

Template based

Beeyond is an MDM system that can be used in several ways within the organization.To make a head start, we developed various templates, including a template for CRM and one for PIM.


Why a Data Management system?

In a Data Management system all master data can be stored. One central system in which all data can be stored, managed and enriched safely

One system that is available for use and management bye ach authorized user and all connected ERP, systems. This prevents risks and data can be managed optimally and centrally.

ERP, CRM and POS systems are geared to a particular aim and as a result have limited possibilities in use. Managing data in inflexible systems thus limits the innovation level of your organization.

With Beeyond you choose fora n optimally fitting solution that can be applied to various ways and within various departments of your enterprise.

We will gladly inform you of the extensive set of functionalities available in Beeyond.

Flexible - Completely freely definable database

Attributes are available in a series of predefined types (¹). New attributes can be added limitlessly and validations can be assigned to each attribute (governance). Attributes can be grouped, thus forming an entity together. New relationships can be established between entities and each representation of entities or details can be organized according to one’s own wishes. Import and export of many file formats (2) is possible in various ways (3).  Mapping is freely definable in import and export.

(¹) Series of types of attributes:
barcode, blob (mp3, MP4, MPEG, PDF, GIF, JPG, ZIP, DOC, DOCX), yes/no, text, whole number, decimal number, calculation, colour, combined series of characters, composed key, memo, reference, currency, date/time, external source, group, IBAN, HTML

(²) File formats o be used for import and export:
.XML, .CSV, .TXT, .XLS, .XLSX (the latter 2 are currently only possible for export)

(³) Ways to  be used for import and export:
FTP, e-mail, directory, in the Beeyond cloud

Read more on this at: Free data structure, Import and Export.

Intuitive - 360° View of all that has a relationship with an attribute

It is possible to relate each entity to another entity and view the details of all entities. The intuitive arrangement of Beeyond inspires you to new ideas for relationships to be made and conclusions to be drawn. Application of this is immediately possible.

Read more on this at: Free data structure.

Efficient - Powerful workflow engine

The workflow engine takes care of the execution of database actions including editing, import or export at predefined moments and frequencies (cron jobs) and makes import and export of data sets and bulk updates possible without human intervention.

Read more on this at: Workflow management.

Valuable - Extensive sort and find function

The simple sort and find function makes it possible to search within each column in the active view. In the advanced sort and find function an extensive query can be built. Both the visible data and all other data stored in the database will be searched. This advanced query (filter) can be stored and reused.

Read more on this at: Sorting and finding.

Practical - Wizard for data mutation

With a powerful system syntax BEL (Beeyond Expression Language) selections of data can be changed in bulk. Examples of this are the mutation of data on the basis of a formula (adding up values and carrying out calculations), changing of fixed values, formatting data, adjustments of changes, combining texts and adding relationship in bulk. Each mutation is recorded and can be viewed in detail afterwards.

Read more on this at: Mutating data.


Reduce risks and achieve higher yields

Use of a Data Management system such as Beeyond helps you reduce and prevent risks. Without a data management system data may be unreliable because you are working in more than one system. Managing data is also time-consuming this way and data tend to be not available.

By choosing for Beeyond these common and costly data issues are a thing of the past. Achieve more yields by structuring your data, making data accessible in the cloud, creating a 360° view of your data, managing data efficiently and working with reliable information.


Custom work is possible!

Beeyond has many options and functionalities. Besides, our developers are working daily on further expansion and improvement of Beeyond This  way, we and our customers can continue innovating.

Contact us to discuss your wishes, so we can adapt Beeyond exactly to your organization.



Requesting a Beeyond Demo

Interested in Beeyond? Then request a demo without any obligation. We will gladly explain the advantages and uses of Beeyond.